Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where does the time go....

In looking at my blog I realized that it has been almost two months since my last post. Yikes even for me that's bad. Sometimes I really wonder where the time goes.

Right after my last post I got busy crating for a holiday craft fair. Then I decided that I would also try selling cards and crafts at our local farmers market. That actually went really well and I am for sure going to do that again once we get past the rainy season. The prep for these events was so much fun and I finally got a chance to use all my great SB supplies on lots of cool home decor type items.

My day job has been keeping me quite busy as well. I have way less time for internet lurking than I would like....but being busy sure helps the days go quickly. Yesterday I was in the office before 7am and didn't leave until after 7pm....on my way home I realized I was starving because I skipped lunch. So being busy at work is not all bad.....but I'm sure looking forward to the break.

Chirstmas is in full swing at my house. This year is the first year ever that I will actually spend Christmas in my own house. For the past 14 years since I graduated college I have travelled over Christmas to either my mom's house or Jim's mom's. So this is a big year for me as I will finally be in my own house. We put up our first real tree two weeks ago, I have decorations all over the house, and best of all we hung lights outside. On Sunday Jim and I took a drive throught our neighborhood to see all the lights. I am amazed at how many people put up lights and how many people go totally crazy with lights everywhere. We didn't get crazy or anything, but the house holds it's own in the neighborhood.

All of my boxes and cards have gone postal and I have just one or two small items left to pick up for Jim. I plan on wrapping the rest of his gifts tonight and maybe tomorrow...then it will be time to relax and wait for the big day. While I never go shopping the day after thanksgiving, I do love to shop on the day after Christmas....so it will be up to San Francisco for us.

Just in case I don't get another update in before the holiday I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.