Saturday, October 28, 2006

Inspired by...

Here is my Sweet and Sassy layout inspired by Carole and Joanne. I was a pop dot fool on this layout. Each flower is pop dot and the petals are bent upward. I wish the scan showed the dimention better. It was really fun to give this look a try....but I have a lot to learn.

Friday, October 27, 2006


The following links may contain unbelievably inspiring work that may compel scrappers to immediately drop what they are doing and scrap.

Whoa, you know with the number of blogs and online galleries out there, it's easy to get used to seeing phenomenal work out there. However there are still times when my heart stops and I am just in total awe. That happened to me today....not once, but twice.

While I was doing my morning blog surfingI noticed on the ScrapGenie blog that Becks added Carole Janson as a DT member. So I just clicked on her blog link and WOWZERS. Then a few hours later I got a comment on my blog from Joanne Bain- so I followed her link back to her blog and was blown away again for the 2nd time today.

Seriously, I am just amazed by the work of these two ladies. Both are from Australia and have left me itching to get into my scraproom and try to create a 3-D layout. Check out the amazingly cool dimension they add to their art by pop dotting and folding the paper. They look so cool on-line I can't even imagine how good they look IRL.

So without further ado, I urge you to go check out the work of these two amazing artist:

Carole Janson

Joanne Bain

I have guests in town this weekend but I sure hope that my next post will be a 3-D layout inspired by these ladies.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I am going to admit it....

I scrap almost completely for the creative and artistic outlet. Memory keeping has never been my top priority. I am not making scrapbook albums with the hope that they will be passed on for generations. From my first trip to the local scrapbook store it has always been about the creative aspect for me. I think this is why I have never been into long and meaningful journaling and why it doesn’t bother me when my pages sit stacked on top of each other for months in my scraproom. While I do prefer to scrap my friends and loved ones, I have no problem finding inspiration to scrap stock photos or people I don’t know.

There I admit it. Memory keeping is not my motivation.

Recently there have been many well know scrapbook artist taking a step back from the commercial aspect of the industry. Many of them are realizing they don’t have time for what made them get into scrapping in the first place – Memory Keeping. So many times when people get down about not being published or selected for a call their friends will rally and tell them to remember why they started scrapping in the first place – to record your memories to pass on to your children or family. These type of posts actually make me feel bad, almost guilty that Memory keeping is not what scrapbooking is all about for me but rather just a creative outlet. In some ways I feel that I am cheating the hobby.

I do love to look at my completed pages and remember the moment that is being captured, but I can get this same feeling from looking at a photo album as well. All the papers and embellishments do for me is add a creative twist to the photos. I do credit my love of scrapbooking with my desire to improve my photo taking and editing skills. I’m sure that I will be scrapping for a long time to come and hope to continue growing creatively through the process. If the result of this creative growth are scrapbook albums that get passed to the next generation it’s just an added bonus.

So there you have it…..I full confession!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pumpkin Pages

Here are two new layouts I did with pictures from the pumpkin patch last week. The first one is not my typical style but I wanted to use my new Daisy D's paper and paper frills and had so many pictures I wanted to scrap. The second layout was done for a Speshal dare and I wanted to try out my newly purchased itty bitty actions.....still need practice with that but I love that blown out photo look. Thanks so much for looking.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rosie will be scrapping on the View tomorrow or Friday

How cool is that. Rosie has been a scrapbooker for a while and this Thursday or Friday she will be doing a segment on journal/scrapbooking on the view. Linda Woods & Karen Dinino are special gusts who are promoting their awesome book "Visual Chronicles". They are going to be using Walnut Ink TintZ from Fiber Scraps. A huge congrats to Patricia (the owner and creator of Fiber Scraps).

I am just so excited to see Rosie scrap. I will be setting my TiVo for sure.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fiber Scraps Lunch Bag Book

I made my first lunch bag book well over a year ago and have been wanting to do another one ever since. DH and I went pumpkin picking last weekend and I figured these fiber scraps paper would match perfectly. What you can't tell from the photos is that the bags were distressed with walnut stain TintZ before being decorated.

Fiber Scraps Projects

After coming back from Memory Trends I feel so motivated to create. Here are a couple quick projects I did using Fiber Scraps products.

A decoupaged ornamet

And a gift bag

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vegas Baby

Woo Hoo....I just got back from an exciting and exhausting 2 days in Vegas. I'm actually glad to be back at work - SITTING.

Memory Trends seemed quite a bit slower this year, but there was plenty of great stuff to tickle my fancy. The highlight of the trip was meeting up with Natalie, Becks, and Michelle not too long into the show on Tuesday. I am still feeling quite compelled to speak with a British accent. In fact in my head I am writing this entry with perfect English diction. I learned quite a few new words and phrases that I must practice up on for our next visit. Michelle and Becks were booked with meetings so I had the extreme pleasure of walking the majority of the floor with Nat. Come to find out that Nat and I are like Yin and Yang when it comes to scrapbooking tastes. She is drawn to the contemporary lines with geometric shapes and open space on layouts. I on the other hand still love the vintage, grunge look of Cosmo and similar lines.

There was clearly a theme to this years show: Bling, Chipboard, and Clear stamps. Many companies combined the first two and had chipboard bling. Scrapworks and a few others figured out how to bake the glitter right into the chipboard when it is patterned….this keeps the glitter on the chipboard and off your hands. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to work and found glitter in my hair or even on my face. So baked on glitter is the hot set up.

Now a few comments about the products and booths:
• Crate Paper, Crate Paper, Crate Paper……OMG, this stuff is just absolutely to die for. The Christmas line was probably my favorite of the show.
• The new BasicGrey fruitcake line was also a fantastic Christmas line and one that will certainly be finding its way to my scraproom.
• The 7 Gypsies booth had some of the most amazing projects. So grungy and yummy!!!
• The layouts and creations in so many booths were just amazing, but I have to say that some of my very favorite pages were in the MAMBI booth. Yup, the MAMBI booth. They have a bunch of new bling words and shapes that are fantastic, but it’s what their designers did with them that impressed me the most.
• Scenic Route was another super cool stop. With a new line and the coolest GOLD chipboard letter. Very very cool.
• Not to be outdone by its last releases Cosmo Cricket is out with new lines that I LOVE even more than the last lines….seriously, I didn’t that that was possible.
• Technique Tuesday (OK I am a little bias here) but OMG the stamp sets and booth layouts are so amazing. I just LOVE the fact that they feature so many layouts with such great texture and polished details…..LOVE LOVE LOVE this booth.

After writing way too much detail that would probably be way too boring for anyone to read I decided to delete that and talk about the highlights:
• My flight was right on time Monday. I meet up with Danea and Susanne at the hotel and we had a good catching up session.
• Danea had her wrist cast all blinged up, looking so cute, and got a ton of comments on it.
• Susanne was as cute as ever and looked great!!!!
• Monday night I hit the shops at Caesar’s and the Venetian before going back to the room
• Tuesday I hit the show floor early and hooked up with Natalie, Becks, and Michelle for a few minutes and walked the floor with Nat until lunchtime when we took a break to eat.
• After lunch we walked the floor a bit more before finding a seat at the QuickKutz booth where Natalie introduced me to her very cool friend Melanie.
• My feet had had enough so I walked back to the hotel and meet back up with Danea and Susanne. Susanne was not feeling too well, so Danea and I went out to dinner after walking all the way back to the show so Danea could order one of those fancy shmancy massage chairs.
• After dinner it was back to the hotel for a little relaxing and tv.
• Wed morning was breakfast with Natalie and Michelle at the Winn Buffet (enough food for the rest of the day) and back to the show.
• We walked for a bit and meet up with Becks for a little rest on the floor outside BasicGrey. A much needed break for my feet!!!
• I got a very nice surprise to run into WENDY at the prima booth. Holy cow, Wendy showed me some of the most amazing creations she made for the show. Totally amazing stuff. Prima had probably one of the biggest releases at the show. Some really great stuff coming.
• We were just about finished going up and down the aisles when I saw Suzy at the canvas concepts booth. That woman is amazing….totally uplifting and bubbly all the freakin’ time. We stayed for a few minutes and snapped a few pictures.
• I finally got a picture of Becks and I as proof that she is ‘real’ and not my imaginary friend. This gives me plausible deniability for when packages arrive and I tell DH they are samples from Becks. He will never know that Becks/ScrapGenie does not distribute Queen & Co, Heidi Swapp, or Autumn Leaves (oooohhh).
• It was about 4:00pm when I meet back up with Danea and Susanne for a little more walking and then back to the hotel to pack up my bags and head for the airport.
• Once again my flight was right on-time and smooth as silk.

So that’s my trip in a nutshell. Blogger Beta is acting up on me again….so I will be back later with pictures.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Be Silly

Originally uploaded by mjneal.

Well it looks like I figured out how to load a single photo from flickr, but still don't know how to do multiple photo loads. I'll keep working on that.

This is a layout using the new Crate Paper Birdie collection.

Blog neglect

OK,let me first say that I switched to Blogger Beta and now I don't know how to load pictures anymore. So I will have to figure that out as I have some new stuff to share.

There is no real reason for my blog neglect. Work has been work and I really haven't been doing much scrapping in the past week or so.

I need to get ready for Memory Trends. I am headed out to Vegas after work on Monday and will meet Danea and Susanne who will already be there. So that is something to look forward to. I'll be sure to take my camera and get lots of pictures.

Now I am off to go figure out how to load pictures again so I can load my recent layouts.