Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vegas Baby

Woo Hoo....I just got back from an exciting and exhausting 2 days in Vegas. I'm actually glad to be back at work - SITTING.

Memory Trends seemed quite a bit slower this year, but there was plenty of great stuff to tickle my fancy. The highlight of the trip was meeting up with Natalie, Becks, and Michelle not too long into the show on Tuesday. I am still feeling quite compelled to speak with a British accent. In fact in my head I am writing this entry with perfect English diction. I learned quite a few new words and phrases that I must practice up on for our next visit. Michelle and Becks were booked with meetings so I had the extreme pleasure of walking the majority of the floor with Nat. Come to find out that Nat and I are like Yin and Yang when it comes to scrapbooking tastes. She is drawn to the contemporary lines with geometric shapes and open space on layouts. I on the other hand still love the vintage, grunge look of Cosmo and similar lines.

There was clearly a theme to this years show: Bling, Chipboard, and Clear stamps. Many companies combined the first two and had chipboard bling. Scrapworks and a few others figured out how to bake the glitter right into the chipboard when it is patterned….this keeps the glitter on the chipboard and off your hands. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to work and found glitter in my hair or even on my face. So baked on glitter is the hot set up.

Now a few comments about the products and booths:
• Crate Paper, Crate Paper, Crate Paper……OMG, this stuff is just absolutely to die for. The Christmas line was probably my favorite of the show.
• The new BasicGrey fruitcake line was also a fantastic Christmas line and one that will certainly be finding its way to my scraproom.
• The 7 Gypsies booth had some of the most amazing projects. So grungy and yummy!!!
• The layouts and creations in so many booths were just amazing, but I have to say that some of my very favorite pages were in the MAMBI booth. Yup, the MAMBI booth. They have a bunch of new bling words and shapes that are fantastic, but it’s what their designers did with them that impressed me the most.
• Scenic Route was another super cool stop. With a new line and the coolest GOLD chipboard letter. Very very cool.
• Not to be outdone by its last releases Cosmo Cricket is out with new lines that I LOVE even more than the last lines….seriously, I didn’t that that was possible.
• Technique Tuesday (OK I am a little bias here) but OMG the stamp sets and booth layouts are so amazing. I just LOVE the fact that they feature so many layouts with such great texture and polished details…..LOVE LOVE LOVE this booth.

After writing way too much detail that would probably be way too boring for anyone to read I decided to delete that and talk about the highlights:
• My flight was right on time Monday. I meet up with Danea and Susanne at the hotel and we had a good catching up session.
• Danea had her wrist cast all blinged up, looking so cute, and got a ton of comments on it.
• Susanne was as cute as ever and looked great!!!!
• Monday night I hit the shops at Caesar’s and the Venetian before going back to the room
• Tuesday I hit the show floor early and hooked up with Natalie, Becks, and Michelle for a few minutes and walked the floor with Nat until lunchtime when we took a break to eat.
• After lunch we walked the floor a bit more before finding a seat at the QuickKutz booth where Natalie introduced me to her very cool friend Melanie.
• My feet had had enough so I walked back to the hotel and meet back up with Danea and Susanne. Susanne was not feeling too well, so Danea and I went out to dinner after walking all the way back to the show so Danea could order one of those fancy shmancy massage chairs.
• After dinner it was back to the hotel for a little relaxing and tv.
• Wed morning was breakfast with Natalie and Michelle at the Winn Buffet (enough food for the rest of the day) and back to the show.
• We walked for a bit and meet up with Becks for a little rest on the floor outside BasicGrey. A much needed break for my feet!!!
• I got a very nice surprise to run into WENDY at the prima booth. Holy cow, Wendy showed me some of the most amazing creations she made for the show. Totally amazing stuff. Prima had probably one of the biggest releases at the show. Some really great stuff coming.
• We were just about finished going up and down the aisles when I saw Suzy at the canvas concepts booth. That woman is amazing….totally uplifting and bubbly all the freakin’ time. We stayed for a few minutes and snapped a few pictures.
• I finally got a picture of Becks and I as proof that she is ‘real’ and not my imaginary friend. This gives me plausible deniability for when packages arrive and I tell DH they are samples from Becks. He will never know that Becks/ScrapGenie does not distribute Queen & Co, Heidi Swapp, or Autumn Leaves (oooohhh).
• It was about 4:00pm when I meet back up with Danea and Susanne for a little more walking and then back to the hotel to pack up my bags and head for the airport.
• Once again my flight was right on-time and smooth as silk.

So that’s my trip in a nutshell. Blogger Beta is acting up on me again….so I will be back later with pictures.


Anne said...

Sounds just amazing....I am green with envy!!!!

Ann(i)e said...

that was me up there!!!

donnacr said...

Glad you had such a great time Missy ! How cool to see Danea and her bling with Suzanne and then Wendy ! And I am green with envy too that you have seen all the new products coming on the market ! Can hardly wait !

SmileyCarrie said...

sounds fantastic!!! I didn't know BG had a new line... can't wait to see it :)

wendy said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll. Were are those pix!!!! tap tap tap tap!!!

It was so great to see you, if only for such a little while this time. Can you believe we didn't get pix with each other AGAIN?! PFT. I don't want to just have that ONE pix forever....