Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas can't be next week...

The month between thanksgiving and Christmas is always a busy month, but this year it seems almost like a blur. Between work, home improvement projects, DT assignments, and yard work I got really behind on Christmas this year. I finally got all my boxes that need to be shipped dropped off at the post office today, but it was a frantic week getting there. I still haven't mailed out a single Christmas card and I am not done shopping for DH. YIKES, remind me next year not to let myself get this far behind again!!!

In other news, DH and I are getting ready for a nice trip to New York next week. We have some traditional Christmas visits planned and also an event packed day in the City with my mom. Even though I HATE the cold weather NY City really is the best place in the world for Christmas. Seeing that giant tree in Rockafeller center always puts a smile on my face. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and some friends and just having a nice relaxing break away from work.

Blogger is once again being difficult for me and not allowing me to post I will do my best to be back to share new cards and layouts soon.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!