Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So it's been another month.....

It seems like just yesterday I wrote my last post that next week is Christmas. Now here we are on January 20th. Christmas and New Years have come and gone and we are already into the 4th work week of the year.

Work has been quite stressful. Not overly busy, but this is review time and the time of year when I most dislike being a manager. The company announced there will be no raises this year, but we were all pretty much expecting it. I would much rather have no raises and some cutbacks then layoffs - although if things don't get better that will certainly be back on the table as an option. Our business was hit much harder than the company executives thought, so we are all trying to do our part....and do more with less. For now I am just happy to have my job with no immediate signs of change.

Creatively I have been very busy with various assignments. Unfortunatley the box of Christmas gifts that we sent my mother-in-law never made it to her. I am just devistated by this as I had a handmade quilt and my annual photo calendar in the box for her. The store bought stuff can be replaced....but the loss of the quilt is heartbreaking. So I am still trying to finish up replacements for her, and I'm starting to feel the pressure.

Hey Toni, you could quite possibly be the only reader of this post....so I was wondering if you have a facebook account? If so I would love to friend request you....I seem to be spending much more time at that site and update my page a lot more frequently than this blog. So if you have use Facebook can you look me up: Missy Neal - you will see a picture of me sitting with crossed legs looking up into the camera (there are a few Missy Neal's out there).

Hope all is well.