Friday, October 27, 2006


The following links may contain unbelievably inspiring work that may compel scrappers to immediately drop what they are doing and scrap.

Whoa, you know with the number of blogs and online galleries out there, it's easy to get used to seeing phenomenal work out there. However there are still times when my heart stops and I am just in total awe. That happened to me today....not once, but twice.

While I was doing my morning blog surfingI noticed on the ScrapGenie blog that Becks added Carole Janson as a DT member. So I just clicked on her blog link and WOWZERS. Then a few hours later I got a comment on my blog from Joanne Bain- so I followed her link back to her blog and was blown away again for the 2nd time today.

Seriously, I am just amazed by the work of these two ladies. Both are from Australia and have left me itching to get into my scraproom and try to create a 3-D layout. Check out the amazingly cool dimension they add to their art by pop dotting and folding the paper. They look so cool on-line I can't even imagine how good they look IRL.

So without further ado, I urge you to go check out the work of these two amazing artist:

Carole Janson

Joanne Bain

I have guests in town this weekend but I sure hope that my next post will be a 3-D layout inspired by these ladies.


petamb said...

Hi Missy,
I totally agree with you..These two lovely ladies are my inspiration..I also looove there work..
Have a great day

SmileyCarrie said...

I agree.. both are very talented ladies. Such beautiful work!

Ann(i)e said...

I do love Carole Jansen's work...her last few posts have had my jaw dropping each time I click on her now to check out Joanne's

Paula said...

Going over. Thanks for the links. :)

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Missy
Thanks so much for your amazing comments. I am so glad that I have inspired you enough to do this post.
Have a great day
PS I would like to add you to my blog links if that is OK.

Juls said...

OMG those blogs are amazing. Inspiring and intimidating all at the same time. Beautiful work by those ladies and I'll definitely put them on my viewing rounds as well. Gorgeous! Thanks for the links. You're in great company with these ladies.