Friday, October 07, 2005

Let's Go Yankees!!!!

Both Jim and I are sports fanatics. Next to March Madness (which no sporting event can top) the world series is one of my favorite events of the year. First is signifies the start of fall, which is my favorite season, and I just love that crisp cool feel in the air when we get close to world series time. This year my beloved Yankees have won their division and are in the playoffs. They are currently tied with Anaheim 1 to 1 in the first playoff series and are headed home to play the next 2 games. If they win tonight and tomorrow they will advance to the league championship series. What's even better about being a Yankee fan this year is that Boston (the evil arch-rival) is getting it's butt kicked by Chicago. So the league championship series will not likely be a rematch of last years epic Yankees/Boston matchup.

For most baseball fans the Yankees are a team that you either love or love to hate. They have an outrageous payroll and with so many past world series victories they are often hated by their rivals. Being a Yankees fan in California is sometimes a hard role to have, but I just love them.

Now I have to find and excuse to leave work a little early so that I can make it home in time to see the game tonight. Our big $$ pitcher Randy Johnson throws tonight, so I am hoping for a big victory.


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Zee said...

Ok so now you need to change your comments pref. again so that people have to type in those annoying letters, so you don't get the spam crap like this first comment!

So how did they do?

Missy said...

OK, I think I fixed the word verification thing so I don't get any more span.

Does anyone know how to delete a comment?