Thursday, November 03, 2005

Man, I hate this time change.

I don't mind winter weather so much as I do the time change at this time of year. It just gets dark too early. Yesterday when I left work it already looked like is was the middle of the night. I always feel more tired and lazy when I get home from work during the dark winter nights. For the first few weeks after we put the clocks back it is nice to be able to drive to work with some light (we leave the house at ~6:30am), but as the days get shorter this will soon be dark as well. There is just something about coming and going to work in the dark that makes me feel like I am working longer hours. Yuck.

Over the past two weeks I have had virtually no motivation or desire to scrap or even play up in my craft area. I know this started before the time change, but it is certainly not helped by it either. I have a hard time scrapping at night when it is already so dark at night. I know that is just silly, but every year I seem to slow down in the winter....and it's not all related to holiday activities.

The good news is that I did get some scrapping done last night. Just a quick page for fun....I intentionally stopped before I finished the title last night in hopes of motivating myself to work again tonight....I hate having an unfinished page waiting for me.


Zee said...

I'm not a big fan of the time change either but I find something oddly comforting about the early dark and cold nights. But then again, I am not leaving the house to work so I see your point about seemingly longer hours. Yuck!

Look forward to seeing your next creation! :)

Wendy said...

how ironic Missy! i love the time change. I see a beautiful beach sunset from my work window every night now. It is totally breathtaking. its also a bit easier to get the kidbies into bed. Sometimes, in the summer, when it "just" gets dark, its hard to convince them it really is their bed time.

Hope you find your mojo soon!

Wendy said...

hee hee. purple sunset right now.... gorgeous!!!

Missy said...

LOL Wendy...I'm sure I would appreciate the sunset a lot more if I could see the ocean from my office.