Friday, September 08, 2006

Remember Me?

Oh man I feel so out of the loop. With my moms visit this week I have not checked email, blogs, or MBs in a week. It feels like I have been gone for months. I sure hope you haven't forgotten about me.

Overall my week with my Mom was great. We spent a huge amount of time scrapbooking and shopping. We each got 5 layouts done. The highlight for her was a trip to Suzy's garage where we almost mauled the UPS man when he came in with the new bazzill mini blooms. Good times, good times.

We also did a few non-sb related activities. Including a drive up the coast, cloths shopping, and breakfast at her favorite restaurant (twice!).

This has been a very rough work week for the company I work for. There has been a lot of news press about our impending layouts. So it was actually nice to be out of the office not thinking too much about events I can not control.

Here are a couple of the layouts I did while my mom was here.:

This is me and my mom at Suzy's garage - aren't I brave for posting a picture with no make up on?

This is the new Cosmo Cricket Wanted line. Oh man do I LOVE this paper.

These are the cutest pictures of my niece on the beach. She was laughing so hard. This is one using the sassafrass lass papers and stamps.


SmileyCarrie said...

Your layouts are fantastic.. i just love each one! My favourite is the first one in the "Garage"... amazing job!!!!!

Glad you had such a great visit!

Christi said...

OMG!!! Look at these rockin' layouts!!!!! They are each so different, but OMG! They are each so beautiful!!! Loving all the flowers and details to them all and that layout of your mom and you is gorgeous! It's a fantastic photo!!!

I have missed your blogging lately, but am glad that you have been having fun with your mom. I hope that everything goes okay with your job...I saw that on the headlines yesterday...

Chrissie said...

Every layout is fab. I bought some Sassafrass Lass today (found myself stroking them in a shop and next thing I knew they were in my bag!). If I do anything half as nice with them as you have I'll be happy :-)

Ann(i)e said...

WOW Missy, I LOVE all those layouts!! They are all so stunning!!!
I know what you mean about out of the loop.....on holiday for 5 weeks will put one right out in left feild!!
I’ve got up to challenge 8 of the Ali E. challenges up. How’s your progress? Have a play when you can!

Anonymous said...

missed your bloggin lovely layouts :)


wendy said...

oh, I just LOVE these layouts!! So deep, colorful but kind of muted at the same time. Its such a BEAUTIFUL collection of layers and textures. STUNNING!

Denise said...

Did you mean impending lay"offs" -- so funny that you wrote "impending lay*outs*..." See, that break MUST have done you good, then! :D