Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wireless wonders

My internet PC finally crapped out on me. He has been on the fritz for months and I was keeping him alive on life support....but made the decision this weekend to pull the plug. So now we are sporting a core two duo (for all my Intel friends) with 2G RAM more HD space than I will even need and he's running windows Vista. DH and I have several computers in the house but this one is designated for internet surfing only. I used this opportunity to get the wireless router we bought months ago up and now I can carry my laptop all over the house and surf.

Now for the best part. We also got a new copier/scanner/printer all-in-one thingy when we got the PC. Since it was bluetooth ready we got that bad boy hooked up wireless as well. It works out perfect to put the pinter across the room (so that it doesn't hog up my desk) without any wires. It's totally like magic.

Technology is great.....for this gadget girl!!!

I thought I would share a layout of my nephew daring me to get his picture without the cup in the way. That little stinker can be so funny sometimes. I really wish I could see him more often.


wendy said...

gadget girl indeedy! That does sound cool, though. I'll bet you're racing around the net now! :)

LOVE your layout. The movement and the energy are beautiful. And boy do I love that smile on his beautiful face!!!

Beckie said...

What a great LO!

annie said...

Congrats on your new tech. splurge!!
How exciting!
Love this lo of your cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy what a gorgeous layout, your little nephew is a cutie.

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Missy
Stunning layout

Best wishes to you