Friday, December 16, 2005

Do you think before you speak?

My parents tired to teach me to think before I speak. Of course there are many occasions when even I am surprised at what comes out of my mouth, but for the most part I do OK. Especially at work. It doesn't take much, just a tiny bit of restraint to make sure all those random thoughts don't come out for all the world to hear. A little self filter, like the 3 second delay on tv. I could have made some serious career limiting statements if I just said what was on my mind all the time.

I swear sometimes people can say the such stupid things it blows my mind. I am still shaking my head at what someone said to me today. I started to write out the gory details of this mornings saga but quickly realized that it would probably bore anyone reading this to death. In summary one of my co-workers basically came into my office and announced to me and the majority of my team that overheard his decree, that all my group does is play around with excel spreadsheets and has no real impact to the company. I have never felt so professionally demeaned. What made it worse is that he was so loud the majority of my team heard him. This was so demoralizing to them.

I was just so shocked at his comment I got a little lost for words. I was able to get out that I thought he was being a bit presumptuous about what my group does, and that he clearly does not understand what we do or how much we influence the strategy of our department. He did apologize, but not in the loud voice he used to announce his opinion in the first place. It didn't really matter....the damage was done.

Of course, about an hour after the confrontation I now have the most eloquent and powerful comeback perfectly drafted in my head. He is long gone and probably has no recollection of the events of the morning and clearly no idea how his words were so disrespectful. Ironically this guy doesn't even know how much we actually impact the activities of *HIS* own group.

This kind of stuff happens all the time. People say whatever dumb-ass random thought they are having. It really does make me want to scream. "Please, think for 3 second before you blurt out another word"

Dudes, I am so glad it's Friday!!!

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Zee said...

What a pathetic entry. Ah CRAP! 1....2....3.... Very profound entry. LOL :)

I totally agree by the way! This topic is what makes the show "The Office" so dang funny. Sad thing is, there are too many people like this...the boss on that show I