Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stitches, Stitches, Stitches....

No not the medical kind, but the UK scrapbook convention kind.

OK, Wendy and Zee both told me to get off my lazy ass and get this blog updated. No they didn't use those exact words but that's what the sentiment once. Thanks girls....I want to keep this blog going and you gave me EXACTLY the kind of encouragement I need.

Now back to Stitches. This is the annual UK craft convention. From what I can tell it is very similar to our CHA (although I'm sure much smaller). Most of the US companies don't go, but they use their distributors to show off their new goods. This year I am doing all of the layouts and cards for the ScrapGenie display.

So I have been hard, hard at work for the past few weeks and expect another two months of the same. The good news is that I am almost 1/3rd done. Here is a sample layout from the companies I have completed so far:

All My Memories

Pebbles Inc:

Karen Foster:


Daisy D's (keep in mind this company gave me very little to work with so it's mostly paper)


Anonymous said...

51!!!! OMG i would die!

these are awesome. once again, you are one of my heros.

keep scrappin'!!


wendy said...

very cute Missy!! Love them!

Paula said...

Interesting how you came with designs that are so different (representing the company´s line) and at the same time so "you".