Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Coming back to work after a long weekend is always the pits....but look what I found in my inbox to cheer me up. Thanks to my brother and SIL for having such cute kiddies!!

We had a nice relaxing long weekend. Jim's mom is in for a visit. She has been helping us in the yard as she has quite a green thumb. Yesterday we went to a little festival in town, ate some junk food, and then took a drive down the coast. We were home before dark so we just watched the fireworks on tv. Tomorrow Jim and I are taking off work and we will spend the day up in San that should be fun.

Scrapping wise I have been in a slump but still got a little done. I finally finished a layout (that I will post later) that has been sitting on my desk for about 10 days. That layout just had me stumped, and after essentially giving up, I slapped it together and called it done. After that page I started working on my next TSBM assignment. Thanks to some expert advice from Wendy (suggesting to use the cheapo cardstock from Michaels to cut flourishy monograms on the pazzles) I was able to finish my 2nd page and start on the 3rd. Thank you WENDY!!

That's about all for now. I hope everyone had a nice 4th!!

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Hebe said...

looking forward to seeing layout. Loved the last one you posted. those Junkitz flowers are gorgeous