Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm still melting

I so wish I had something more to share, but it is still to hot to do anything but lie around and complain about the heat. According to the news the heat is supposed to break tomorrow and be even better on Thursday....but that's what they said two days ago about yesterday and today... so I am skeptical yet optimistic.

I have a DT deadline looming near and if this heat doesn't let up, I might end up cutting my ear off to get it done (because for sure I will be insane scrapping in this heat).

We did call 3 different companies about installing central air....the soonest we can get it done would be almost 4 weeks from now. So we are going to stick with our original house upgrade plan and have it installed this fall (they are taking advantage of the hot weather and increasing the prices significantly)

I promise not to whine so much on my next post!!!


Ann(i)e said...

I feel your pain Dear...we are having record temps here in England. Last week it hit 100, but has cooled down some (only about 5 degrees, but must be thankful for the little things.) I would give my left ear for AC, but it's just not something they do over here.
Hope you can that break the weather man is predicting!!!!!!!!

Christi Snow said...

Oh, sweetie! How are you ever surviving in California without air conditioning??? Why don't you come spend a couple of weeks with me in NC. It's hot here too, but our central air works incredibly well so we just don't leave the house... I hope the heat lets up soon! smiles...