Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's time to vote...

For everyone in the US today is an important day. Remember to get out and vote...it's important and your civic duty.

Since DH and I moved since last election we had a new polling location. I was surprised when I got to the polls at 7:00am today and there were already 15 people ahead of us in line. It took almost 45 minutes to get our votes cast, but it was well worth it. A lot of my friends are voting absentee, but for me there is something that just feels good about standing in line to cast my vote. I am wearing my sticker today and hope you all do the same.


Carole Janson said...

Hi Missy, good luck with the voting, in Aussie, you have to vote, if you don't they fine you, so I make sure I do some sort of hoomework, so I don't waste the opportunity.

Have a great week Missy.

Best Wishes

Kirsty said...

i never vote - i think our government is a joke!

I vote for free stash though xx