Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm BACK!!!!

Whew, for the 2nd weekend in a row I had a good scrap mojo flowing. This weekend I scrapped just for me. No assignments or worries about insturctions and materials lists. I ended up making 7 layouts. That is a good pace for me. I tried to scrap some everyday photos - what's funny is that some of the best memories I have are captured in everyday candid shots. My goal this weekend was to work on my Heidi Swapp BPS layouts. I ended up getting distracted with other pages but did get sketches done and printed my pictures....so I hope to finish those during the week.

Here are two of my favorite layouts.....I will share the others over the next couple days.

This is my DH playing the guitar. I took these shots weeks ago for my HS BPS goal page (so you will see them again), but ended up getting side tracked and made this page instead. Please don't tell him I used crate paper Cowgirl collection on him....ooooohhh.

This page is me playing a game with my niece and nephew at Christmas time. Poor Aunt Missy had to remind both of them (but especially my 3 year old niece) not to cheat. Oh my their parents have some work to do....but I couldn't help but laugh. They were so cute. This layout made me so happy to remember that day.


Tracey said...

Love the spotty lettering on the no cheating lo and the design on DH's page is fab - my lips are sealed regarding the paper lol

Christi Snow said...

Yay!!! I am so glad that your mojo is back. I LOVE these layouts...the arrows are awesome!!! I can't wait to see what else you have been working on.... smiles!

wendy said...

Those are gorgeous Missy. I love the movement and the color. They are so sophisticated, but using everyday photos, which I think is very very hard effect to achieve. EXCELLENT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy, so great to hear from you, and your layouts are just gorgeous, I also sort the spotty lettering was lovely.

What do you think about all whats happening with Scrapgenie UK, pretty excited hey !! would love to meet you there, just have to wait and see what happens.

Carole x