Friday, August 24, 2007

A few more pages

Two more pages that I did recently. The first one is of my youngest niece taken a few months ago. She is just over 2 and loves to pick up and touch everything. The second page is my other niece who was posing for me during our Arizona trip. She was just adorable playing with her hat.

Last night I had a really good crafting night. I finally got started on a new assignment for some altered items and had so much fun picking out products and coming up with ideas. When I scrapbook I spend so much time picking pictures and printing....but with non-photo altered items the entire process goes by so fast. I completed one project and started on a second one with just a few hours of crafting.

On the work front, yesterday was a really fun day. Our entire department had an off-site potluck picnic for the afternoon. It was a nice break from work to enjoy each others company and play a few games. I did realize that my kickball skills have decreased over the past 25 years.

Jim and I have plans to go to San Fran this weekend just to get out and about for a while. I'll probably take my camera and try to get a few shots. Nothing else major in the way of plans. I do plan to get some more crafting done and want to rearrange my small embellishment and prima flower we'll see how that goes.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Christi Snow said...

oooh, these are so pretty, Missy! LOVE, love, love that hat of my all-time fave color combos and subjects. Too fun! I hope that you have a fun weekend and get lots of fun photos!! smiles...

Anonymous said...

Your layouts are TOTALLY great. Love all the details and colours!


wendy said...

oh, how CUTE. OMG. Her hair. its staying that bright orange. I sooooo love it!!!

I love how you got so many pictures on the hat layout. she's such a big girl now. I can't believe how fast she's growing up. I think she looks like you.