Monday, September 10, 2007

So how was your weekend?

Mine was great. DH and I had virtually nothing planned and did very little in the way of typical weekend chores. Saturday early afternoon we took a ride to Mountain View for a very cool craft faire. There were so many fantastic booths to look at. After eating some good junk food and looking around we picked up a new set of wind chimes and a very cool wind catcher decoration.

Last week I decided to rent a table at this years Christmas craft show in my local town to sell handmade greeting cards and ornaments - this is a very small annual show. I am planning to make a variety of cards focused on Christmas, Birthday, Thank You, Baby, and General Greetings. This weekend I pulled out all my Chirstmas paper and embellies (some really old stuff - like the Metal MM Charms from 4 years ago) and started on the Christmas cards. My scraproom is a total disaster but I did make 10 styles of Christmas cards with 5-6 cards in each style. It felt great to work that fast. All the cards were based on designs I had already made for DT assignments so I was basically just lifting myself. I was so much fun!!!

In other good news the special issue Cards and Crafts for Chirstmas book came out last week and my advent calendar is the main picture on the cover. I was so excited as this is the first advent calendar I have ever made.

Blogger is being unfriendly this morning so I can't post a link or any photots so I will try to come back soon and post some of my favorites from this issue.


Paula said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing that cover!

Have fun with the cards. :)

Zee said...

can't wait to see the cover! Ok, so now I need to know what craft show as I will totally come and check out your booth!

Also, I know that sometimes soon you have a B-day, just don't know which day? ;)