Thursday, September 27, 2007

Memory Trends and More

Time sure does go by fast when your on vacation. I got back from Memory Trends on Sunday and have been playing catch up at work ever since.

MT was very small and quiet this year. As someone who was walking the floor this was great. The booths were fairly empty and there was plenty of time to look at all the new goodies and ask questions. As a vendor I'm sure it was disappointing being so slow. There was very little that was new just for MT, but since I didn't go to CHA-S there were some things I hadn't seen yet. This will probably be my last MT, but I'm still gald I went for a little while.

With the show being so slow I had a lot more time for seeing Vegas. I dragged DH with me this year and we walked to virtually every hotel on the strip. We did a lot of shopping and saw several shows but by far the most exciting night was watching the Cirque Beatles show. It was just fantastic....even picked me up a $40 T-shirt to remember the night.

Work has been kicking my butt this week. I'm trying to catch up from the days I missed last week and just got a HUGE project to lead for the next 9 months. With my work hours being so long I haven't really scrapped much of anything since getting back from Vegas. I finished a few cards I was working on and that's about all. I have 2 DT assignments that have to be mailed no later than that will probably consume most of my weekend.

So just another day and a half for my much needed weekend...even if I have to work a bit.

Silly blogger still wont give me my wysisyg buttons for composing new I can't edit the format or attach pictures. Very strange.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Ann(i)e said...

stopping in to catch up....been away for five weeks now, so doing my "rounds!" glad to find you doing great and having gone to MT (very jealous!!)