Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hello again...

Once again I return after some serious blog neglect.

There just has not been much to blog about lately. Work has once again been consuming the majority of my time....and that is certainly not fun to blog about.

On the house front we started the major remodeling of my bathroom about 3 weeks ago. It is going much slower than I had hoped and that the contractor told us at the start. The good news is, as of last week the tub and tile were all in and it is starting to look like a bathroom again. I'm really happy with the way the tile came I'm just getting anxious for the project to finish. My guess is the end of next week.

DH and I are heading to El Paso tomorrow after work. We will spend a few days visiting his mom and eating some fantastic Mexican food. It has been quite a while since we have been down that way. It's always a boring trip as there is very little to do down there, but I am looking forward to the food.

The best news is that all of my annual reviews for work have been written and delivered. This is always a huge time sink....but this year it wasn't very bad at all.

Crafting wise I have not done much of anything in over a month. With some many people in and out of the house for the remodel I just haven't been in the mood to craft. I don't seem to craft much when my routines are I hope to get back to having some fun in my room next week.

So if is actually still reading this I really appreciate you stopping by. -Missy

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Helloooooooooo!!! ~waving happily at screen~