Monday, April 17, 2006

Did you ever have one of those weekends...

where you were actually happy to go back to work on Monday so you could finally relax? Well, that is me this weekend.

Jim and I had quite a productive weekend house wise. We had the contractors in the house all weekend to finish up the work they were doing in the family room and kitchen. Now the family room just needs a coat of paint and new carpet and it will be finished.

We also used the break in the rain on Saturday to fertilize the lawn and pull some weeds. Our yard is just full of clover and we are going to try to pull that out a little at a time. If we pulled it all at once we would have a huge patch of dirt in our front yard. Of course this involved many trips to the store and virtually took all day on Saturday

Sunday the rain was back so I was planning on scrapping most of the day. However with the constant noise and interruption of the contractors it was just impossible to focus on getting anything done. So I cleaned up my room and decided to help Jim with some garage clean up and organization. That area is still quite a mess from the move.

Last night the contractors were trying to finish up so they did not have to return today, so they stayed until well after 7:00pm. While I was so happy to finally see good progress on the family room, I was very disappointed that Jim and I did not get to share our traditional Easter dinner for two. Jim could tell I was upset about this so he promised to make us a special dinner next weekend....he is so sweet.

As we drove to work this morning I joked about finally being able to relax once we get to work. I was joking, but in many ways it's true. I really hope to squeeze some scrapping in tonight.


wendy said...

lol missy.

I would have to say.......ummmmmmmmmmm...........No. Never felt that way...ROFL!

Christi Snow said...

UGH! what a yucky way to spend the weekend, but it will be so worth it when it is all done! Smiles!