Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nothing to share...

I feel like such a slacker. It has been so *HOT* around here the past couple of days I haven't done a lick of scrapping since Sunday. My new house does not have AC (something we will fix next summer) and it just gets too hot in my scraproom to enjoy myself back there. So for the past 3 nights I have literally done nothing. So I have nothing to share.

I am hoping that the weekend is a bit cooler and I get some mojo going. I want to start work on my next article so I can get ahead of the game. I am also still thinking about entering MMM again this year.....but I would do it much different than last year and probably not obsess over each layout. Even with a more light hearted approach I would need to get working this weekend to finish by the deadline.

I promised this winter when the rain wouldn't stop that I would not complain about the sunny weather.....but I really want to scrap and right now it is just too darn HOT. We are having overhead light and ceiling fans put in all the bedrooms on that should help for sure.

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