Monday, June 12, 2006

A weekend in Tucson.....

was exactly what I needed. Jim and I took a very quick trip to Tucson this weekend. My brother and his 2 older ones were out there already so Jim and I decided to join them for the weekend. Other than the weather (which was an oven like 105 degrees in the shade) it was a great weekend. Totally relaxing and a great way to take a mental break from the stress at work. Plus I got to spend some real quality time with my brother and his kiddies. I took literally a couple hundred photos....Deleted about 150 of them immediately but still have a ton of great scrapping material waiting for me.

Saturday we spent the day outside with a trip up and down Mt. Lemmon (the kids loved the ski lift), a ride in a golf cart and some lessons from Pops, and a great dinner at my dad's girlfriends house. Sunday was equally as nice. We meet up with my cousin Colleen, her husband, and their 4 year old son. I hadn't seen Colleen in over 10 years so that was a nice treat. We took the kids to a play area in the mall (as outside was just too hot for them), a quick dip in the pool at Pops house, and then back to the mall to eat dinner (somebody special wanted Chicken and rice from the mall and didn't want to hear any other meal options). Right after dinner it was already time for Jim and I to go back to the airport. So it was a really short trip but well worth it.

Due to the unexpected weekend adventure I am now a little behind on my current article for SBM, but I work best when under a little time pressure so I should be able to finish on-time. As I am about 75% done with the article and 66% done with the layout samples.


Ann(i)e said...

So love your beach babe layout!!!! gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
Should have papers ready to send by end of week (fingers crossed)

Zee said...

Glad you had a great time!

Good news, thoase stamps we talked about are here so if you need them... ;)

Paula said...

Good to know you had such a lovely family meeting. :)