Thursday, June 22, 2006

Q: Are you a Pea?

Last night Danea called me after getting home from a fun visit to Suzy West's garage where she hung out with the celbs. During the conversation I re-told her a story about how my mom meet Suzy.

A few months ago I saw that Suzy was teaching a class at my mothers LSS in Goshen NY. Now you see I live 15 miles from Suzy here in California, and Goshen NY is 2,000 miles away, literally in the middle of nowhere. I was so shocked to see that she was going to be there, and as a surprise I signed my mom up for all 3 of Suzy's classes. Now in classic Suzy fashion, when my mom got to the store she was greeted with a big warm welcome from Suzy (who she had never meet) and was introduced as mjneal's mom. During the class there were several conversations about Peas and Pea names.

My mom called me as soon as she got home and just raved about the classes and how much fun she had. After telling me all about what she made she said in a very cute voice "Are you a Pea". To which I responded yes. Then her next question in a very stern motherly sort of way was "What the Hell's a Pea". After telling her a Pea was the nickname of people who chat over at the 2peas site she laughed. She had no idea what they were talking about all day, and no idea why they were referring to me as mjneal. Even though she has been scrapping for several year and even shopped at 2peas on several occasions. LOL....I thought that was funny.

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