Monday, January 16, 2006

All systems are go!

After almost 60 views of our house we finally got an offer on Saturday morning that we promptly accepted. It wasn't quite as high as we hoped but for the piece of mind knowing we would not loose out on our future house it was well worth accepting below listing price. We are now 2 days into a 4 day contingency period.....Unless something dramatic happens in the next 2 days we will be replacing our "sale pending" sign with a "sold" sign after work on Wed.

All this good news does come at a price. The lady buying our house made her offer contingent on a January 31st close of escrow and a Feb 7th occupancy date. When I saw this condition my heart immediately sunk....I knew right away that I would have to bail on Wendy and skip CHA. I was so looking forward to going to the big show this year and sharing the experience with one of my best friends. So as happy I am about getting the house I am still really bummed about Vegas.

I am really glad that my daily life revolves around scheduling and deadlines or the logistics of this move would be enough to kill me. The people in our future house will not be out until midnight on Feb 6th and the person moving into our current house wants to be in on the afternoon of the 7th. So that gives Jim and I only the morning of the 7th to get moved. Since this is a weekday with such a tight schedule we will be hiring movers to help us. Good thing for us is that we don't have too much stuff (besides my scrap stuff and Jims books) so one truck load will be more than sufficient and should be quite doable in a couple of hours.

The one thing I really wanted to get done before moving in was replacing the carpet in all 4 bedrooms. Since the move timing is not going to allow us to do this, we decided to just stage our furniture and stuff in the living room, dining room, and sun room for a couple days until we can get the carpets replaced. Given that we don't already have any furniture for these rooms anyway it shouldn't be a big deal.

Between the list of upgrades to modernize the look of the house and furnishing many rooms that we don't have anything for we are going to have our hands full for probably the next two years. At this point both Jim and I are very excited about the new house and the potential to make all the upgrades to exactly our taste.

So please keep those good vibes coming until Wed when everything should become official!!!!!


Juls said...

Congrats Missy! That's awesome! A little stressful with the time conditions but still do-able. Your new house is going to be awesome. I'm very excited for you!!

Paula said...

Oooohhh! How exciting!