Friday, January 27, 2006

I got tagged!!!!

1. First time you got kissed: How was it?
I was 13 and in the 8th grade. I kissed my "boyfriend" Curtis in my best friends garage. I remember it being sort of nasty.

2. First time you drove a car: What kind of car?
When I was 13 years old my brother (who was 17) let me drive my moms Oldsmobile, Cutlass Supreme around the neighborhood.

3. First time you scrapbooked: When you looked at your page do you love it?
I was about 15 when I made my first scrapbook. I cut out pictures and articles from soap opera digest related to days of our lives (Especially Bo and Lars). My first scrapbook album made with my own (real) pictures was made in late 2000. I ordered one of those QVC scrapbook kits and just loved my heart shaped pictures and used a ton of stickers. At the time I loved is a different story.

4. First time you went on a date: Where did you go and with who?
This is terrible to say, but I don't really remember. When I was in middle school I has a couple of "boyfriends" but we basically just hung out in the neighborhood or at my friends house - not really dates per say. So I don't really remember my first official date.....sort of sad isn't it.

5. First time you fell in love: How did you know?
This is an easy one. I fell for the first time in between my junior and senior year of high school and dated the boy through my first semester of college. I knew it was love when we broke up for a couple of weeks and all I could do was think about him. We got back together and spent the next year almost inseparable. He was my first.

6. First time you cooked for someone: Was it yummy?
LOL....I am still waiting for this day. Lucky for me, my DH is a cook!!!

7. First time you got on a plane: Where did you go? Were you scared?
I was 8 years old on my first plane trip. I had a window seat and told the man sitting next to me that I had "waited all my life" to fly in a plane. I was so excited and not scared at all. I didn't know until we got to our destination that the reason for the trip was because my grandmother had passed away. So I went from being utterly excited about my first flight to very sad about my grandmother in a matter of minutes.

8. First time you shaved your legs: Did you cut yourself?
I was 12 and my older cousin showed me how to shave. I didn't cut myself too bad.

9. First time you put one make up: Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown?
I wore make for the first time on my first day of 8th grade. I did TERRIBLE, so bad that other kids made fun of me. I washed my face and didn't wear makeup again until 10th grade - after I got some application lessons from a friend.

10. First time you moved out of your home: Was it an apartment, house, etc?
I was not quite 18 when I moved from home to my college dorm. I lived there for 1 year and then moved to an apartment I shared with 2 other girls for the remaining 3 years of college.


Juls said...

Love that list Missy. I'll have to steal it myself. And I liked hearing your answers. I think mine are pretty close to yours. LOL.

Paula said...

Fun to know more about you!

BTW: you´ve been tagged. :D