Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Frustrations of a home seller....

LOL, I know I am just whining but sometimes it just feels good to complain.

First a quick update. According to our Real Estate Agent our open house went well. Between the two days we had ~37 people view the house, and 2 people have come back for a 2nd look. In addition to that we have had another 15 or so people who came through last week and the first part of this week. So we have had a lot of activity but no offer yet. Our agent told us there were at least 2-3 people who were serious and that she is hoping for an offer by the end of the week. Jim and I don't want to get our hopes up too high, we are not the kind of people that have that kind of luck. So if you are sending us good home seller vibes, keep them coming.

Now back to my bitching.

I am so sick of preparing the house for show every morning. Ironically it takes me longer to get the house ready in the morning than it does to get myself ready. We have kind of got the routine down: Make the bed, fold and put the PJs away, close the closet doors, open the blinds, wet wipe the bathroom countertops, fold the blankets, and hide the non-decorative pillows that we use when watching tv, put the computer away (because the internet cord stretches across the room), and finally wipe down the kitchen counters and table. uuuuggghhh, I am so glad I am not a neat freak or perfectionist in real life. Making the house look unlived in is so time consuming.

We have this funky little closet that is under the stairs. It has a 4' door and is very hard to get in and out of. Jim and I have been hiding some of our ugly pillows and blankets in their during the day but will pull them out each night to get comfy and watch tv. Well Monday night as I was pulling our stuff out I stood up to early and banged my head on the thermostat. Out of frustration I then gave that darn thing a swat with my hand.....and yes of course I broke the darn thing. It starts buzzing really loud and didn't stop. So last night we had to have repair people come out and replace the darn thing and spent another $400 that I was not counting on. Lesson learned!!!!

I have also noticed that we are eating out more so that we don't mess up the kitchen, and I don't want to scrap unless I have at least 2 hours because it's too much to take out all the stuff for just a few minutes of scrapping and then spend all that time cleaning up. I really need to figure out how to get some scrapping done because I have a huge assignment due at the end of the month.

On top of all of this work is just crazy right now. The bad part about slowing down the last 2-3 weeks of the year is the download of stuff there is to do after we get back from the New Year. I have been asked (more like told) that my group will be expanding and I will have additional responsibilities and people to manage (not something I am really looking forward to with everything else that is going on).

OK, enough complaining and bitching for now. I promise my next post will be positive and upbeat!!!!!

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