Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Recent Events!!!

Yike this blog is is serious need of an update. I was all set to write a great entry about our Christmas trip to El Paso, all the cool presents I got (and additional ones I got for myself), and the nastiness of flying these days....until Jim and I decided to buy a new house.

Yup, for those who don't know already Jim and I decided while we were in El Paso that now was a really good time to sell our townhouse and get into something bigger. Something we have been thinking about for a few years and just never did anything about. So when we started the conversation for the umteenth time I just assumed it would end like all the ones before "I guess it's best just to stay put for now". But this time was different, this time we were both saying it's time to make the move.

The day after we got back from El Paso we went to a town about 30 miles north of San Jose thinking we could get more for our money. However after the drive out there we knew there was no way we could do that commute everyday for work. Plus you really can't get that much more for your money to make the commute even close to worth it. So we almost closed the door on the move once again....but decided to take a ride around our existing area first.

We live in a very nice area of San Jose (actually Campbell for those who know the area) and really wanted to stay in the area just get a bigger place that was not attached to the neighbors and where we had enough yard to enjoy the outdoors. So on Thursday 12/29 we took a dirve around our desired area and saw a few houses for sale. Only one of those houses was in our price range and from the flyer it looked cool. On Friday we made an appointment to see the house - it was exactly what we were looking for. On Saturday (new years eve) we meet with the loan officer who got us pre-qualed for a loan. On Sunday (new years day) we made an offer on the house contingent on selling our house in 30 days that the sellers accepted. On monday we listed our house for sale, and come home yesterday to a sign at our driveway and a lock box on the door.

It has been a whirlwind and it's just getting started. We really weren't ready to list our house but went ahead and did it so we didn't loose out on the house we saw. They are going to do an open house on Sat. and Sun. so there is still more that has to be done for that....mainly de-cluttering my house (hahaha, this is just a big joke to me because if I had a place to put the clutter I probably wouldn't be moving in the first place).

It's sort of funny how this just all of a sudden has over taken my life. Everything is taking a back seat to the house and I can't get focused on anything else. I do have a bunch of work related stuff that needs attention and a big scrapbook assigment that is way behind my original schedule. Yikes I just need a few more hours in each day!!!!

The next key event for us is getting a buyer for our house. We now have 28 days to find a buyer on our house or we will probably loose the new house we want. So keep your fingers crossed for me that we get a buyer soon....I am hoping for this weekend after the open house.


wendy said...

YIPPEE!! Fingers crossed, everything crossed, actually!!!

So, the melting candles are on sale this week at M's. and you can leave it with the burner while you are at work, so if someone comes by to see your house during the day... I got the toffee pecan, which turns out to be the same smell on that house that hypnotized dh and I a month back. We'll see if it works!!


Juls said...

That is SO exciting Missy! Good luck with the selling. I expect to be buying housewarming gifts for you and Wendy in the very near future.

Bucket said...

Good Luck Missy! I wondered where you've been. Selling and buying a house is a PITA!!!I wish you all the best!