Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend Happenings

Another fantastic weekend at home. Now that we are in the new house Jim and I are spending more and more time at home. We are just so happy we made the move. The weather has been beautiful and we are making the most our patio.

On Saturday we had to do some errands in the morning but were home by ~2:00pm. Spent a few hours outside watering the lawn and flowers. Then we just relaxed, enjoyed each others company, and talked about the remaining house upgrades that we will do over the next year or so. For dinner we cooked out on the grill and had some yummy yummy NY strips. After dinner I was able to get a little scrapping in and then started gathering materials for my Sunday project.

On Sunday I slept in a bit and then called my mom. Had to do a little work work before starting the fun part of the day. After a little more yardwork, a quick shower, and a very light lunch I got a bit more scapping in. I started work on my very first altered coin folder (for a new assignment). OMG, I am so happy with how it turned out. I immediately orderd more of them. Dinner was another night on the grill. This time we had yummy yummy kabobs - probably my favorite summer time meal. After dinner I just finished up my coin folder, and then watched the west wing finale (I am so sad to see this show go) and the first part of the Grey's Anatomy season finale (I am so glad this show will be coming back).

Tonight after work Jim and I will be packing for New York. We are taking the red eye flight after work tomorrow but there will not be enough time to pack after work. The bad news is that the weather has been icky and rainy back east and all the cool summer cloths I picked out to wear may need to be replaced with warmer duds. I am still hoping for the weather to turn around before Wed.

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Ann(i)e said...

OMG.....LOVE that Christmas's stunning!!
Have a great time in New York!