Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I've been "Faruked"

This is now the most commonly used phrase at my house. Faruk (Fa-roo-k) is our carpet salesman. Jim and I were so excited about getting the old gross carpet in the bedrooms ripped up and replaced with the new stuff this weekend. When we called on Friday afternoon to see what time they would be starting on Saturday, Faruk informed us that the carpet was back ordered and they didn't know exactly when it would come. So now the term Faruked or Faruk is used in place of another commonly used F term.

Talk about a major bummer. We have been waiting to get that carpet installed to move anything into the bedrooms and planning on using this long weekend to make progress.

It looks like the carpet arrive until tomorrow so we are scheduled an install for Friday afternoon. At least this will give us both days next weekend to unpack the bedroom stuff.


wendy said...

LOL Missy. I'm so sorry about the delay. How incredibly frustrating to have it just sitting there, waiting.... leaving you in limbo.

sending you good smooth install vibes. wendy

Zee said...

That is so faruked up! LOL. Can't wait to see it! :)

Paula said...

How are things going now Missy?