Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally some serious progress

Woo Hoo... we finally have some serious visible progress with the house and most importantly the scraproom.

Saturday we got our long awaited carpet installed. Yippie. The color is a bit lighter than I expected, and will be hard to keep clean, but I totally LOVE the look and feel.

Saturday night we got all of our bedroom furniture set up. We still have to hang the mirror, pictures, and unpack the cloths...but we were able to sleep in our bed (off the floor) for the first time in almost 3 weeks.

Sunday morning we started bright and early with building the furniture we got at IKEA last week. I am so impressed by those Swedish Engineers who figured out how to design and package their furniture. It did take us over 10 hours of work time yesterday to build the furniture, but for the most part it went smoothly. The directions (all pictures) were better on some pieces than others but once again I would say they were fairly good if you take the time to go step by step. All together we build 4 chests of drawers, 3 wardrobe cabinets, a table, a nightstand, and several floor lamps. The wardrobe cabinets were the hardest. They are bulky, heavy, and the hinges for the doors were a little hard to align. With the exception of the table all the other pieces are laminate covered press board...not exactly top of the line quality furniture. However I was really happy with the thickness of the wood and the overall look once they were put together.

So my scraproom is now very close to having all the furniture. I have two small chests of drawers under on window. Three wardrobe cabinets lined up on the longest wall of the room. The center piece of the room is a HUGE and I mean freaking HUGE table. I must not have read the dimensions correct because it was much larger than I thought. I actually bought 2 of them but there is no way that two will fit. So I am planning to take back the 2nd table. So the two most important things to me in a scraproom are work area and storage space and I now have BOTH!!! I'm sure the units will fill up quickly but right now it just looks so spacious.

It has almost been a month since I scrapped. All of my stuff has been in boxes for over 3 weeks now and I am going through some serious withdrawal here. I wanted to force myself to get the rest of the house unpacked and organized....because once I start in my scraproom I know I won't come our. After seeing all my new furniture I am even more excited to get started. So after I get the remaining cloths for the bedroom unpacked I should be ready to move on to my scrap stuff later this week. I so wish I have more time off work to stay home and get this done.

As soon as I find my memory stick adaptor I will post some pictures of before and after the scraproom!!! I am excited to share the pictures.


Zee said...

Oh Goody! I can't wait to see it!!! So how ya returning that table..Ha Ha!

wendy said...

How exciting!! And I am so impressed you put the furniture together yourself! Can't wait to see it!

Juls said...

Very exciting. I'm jealous that you have a big room all to your scrapping self. I've got a supply filled corner of a room that's needless to say, overflowing. Good for you for putting together all that furniture. Can't wait to see pix.