Monday, February 06, 2006

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

Yippie....we are finally moving tomorrow. The movers show up at 9:00am and I hope to be in the new place in the afternoon.

This weekend was spent predominately getting ready for our move. I wanted to pack all of my scrap stuff myself as I don't trust the movers to do it right. Well I can honestly say that for the first time since starting the hobby I am actually embarrassed by the amount of "stuff" I have. OMG, I just kept packing one box after the other and my stash never seemed to go away. Over the years my stash has spread from my scraproom to the garage, to the hallway closet, and recently has taken over under my bed.....but I honestly didn't know how bad it had gotten until I saw how many boxes I needed to pack it all up. I have always realized I shop more than most....but even I was in shock at how much I have.

So I am going to make it my mission to do a big time purge. I have done this many times before but always stopped when it came to getting rid of older stuff that I still liked. This time I need to go deeper. If that means getting rid of the original basicgrey collection, that's what it means. Something needs to be done.

Zee has mentioned the idea of having a scrapbook related garage sale...and I need to take this opportunity to collect my older stuff and maybe recoup some money so I can by the new stuff of course.

The good news for me is that I finished that huge DT assignment and put it in the mail this weekend. Therefore, I have plenty of time to unpack in the new place. I am going to go through everything piece by piece and force myself to purge what is likely not going to be used anyway. I need some moral support with this one ladies....I know you all understand.


Zee said...

Dude I will be right there to support and take any, uh, i mean help you get rid of any unwanted stuff...LOL. Once you get all sorted I think a huge scrapbook sale will rock. you know i still have a tonne.
And if you need any help organzing your new space, i've got your back.


Have fun tomorrow!

Christi Snow said...

HELLO MISSY!!!! Wow! Good luck with the move and congrats on getting that huge assignment done. Hats off to you....that is massive!

I am so glad that you dropped by my blog! :)

wendy said...

Woo hoo!! I hope it went well Missy. And congrats on finishing that mungo assignment!!

And LOL. And I'll be happy to take unwanted stuff to, um, help you purge as well. :)

Seriously. I did a scrapping garage sale, and it was so so. You really have to find the right market for it, b/c most non-scrappers don't understand. good luck!!!