Monday, March 20, 2006

A Big Mistake!!!

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later - our first major mistake with the house upgrades. Last week the French doors that will connect the family room to the sunroom finally arrived and our contractor was able to start working again. When we got home from work on Friday I immediately realized our big mistake....we got exterior doors not interior doors. The exterior doors have a large metal footplate that spans the length of the opening. If just looks ridiculous on interior doors connecting two rooms. I was really mad at Home Depot but more so at myself than anything else. We did specifically tell the salesman at HD that we needed interior doors, but ultimately it was me who signed the special order form to have them built.

I called HD and was basically told that since these were special order and had already been installed they would not take them back. The did give me a 15% credit because the doors were drilled for a deadbolt they were not supposed to get, but would not take them back.

So after himming and hawing with DH we decided it was best to stop the work and do it right (eating the cost of the original doors and the install work). We talked to the contractor about and went to another store to order yet another set of doors. This time we spent extra time to make sure we got what we needed. Although I feel I am mostly to blame for the mistake, DH and I made the decision to try to avoid HD in the future.

One of the biggest bummers in all of this is my bathroom remodel might get pushed out. We only had a limited budget for upgrades until August and my bathroom may get pushed until then because of the extra expenses of the hoo.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. I did get about an hour or two of scrapping in last night but didn't get much done. Tonight should be better.


wendy said...

I'm so sorry Missy. I guess I'm not envisioning it. Can't you just remove the plates? They've got to be attached some way? (screws?) some wood filler and a coat of paint, and you'd cover the holes?

Poor dear.

Becks said...

I HATE it when that happens - and always drown myslef in chocolate...

becky said...

that sucks about the door!! maybe you can find someone who needs some doors & sell them??

Anonymous said...

That totally bites. I'm so glad to be over the "build" headache. It never goes the way you think it will because nobody is really listening to you when you tell them what you want.

Becky has a great idea will selling the doors. Make back some $$ towards your bathroom. Good luck!