Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sill Unpacking!!!

uuuuggghh I have been working so hard on my room to get it unpacked. I am using literally every waking moment at home to get my scraproom unpacked and organized....and yet I still have more to do. Last weekend I made serious progress and thought for sure I would finish up during this week and have the upcoming weekend to scrap. Well at 10:30pm last night I knew there was no way it was going to happen. With a late work meeting tonight and dinner plans tomorrow it looks like my unpacking will be consuming another weekend. The good news is I now have all of my boxes unpacked and almost everything that I am keeping is now in my room. It's just taking longer than I thought to organize. I am also still waiting on my new table/work surface to be delivered. Please keep your fingers crossed for me to be finished on Saturday so I can at least get some creating done on Sunday.

I promised myself that I would get everything put away and organized before scrapping again but if I am not done soon I might need to rethink that strategy. Seriously, how can I concentrate on unpacking when these cuties are staring at me:

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