Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A little sunshine on a rainy day

uuuugghh we are getting more rain, I am sick of it, and getting a little grumpy. On to of that, this morning I realized I left my umbrella at work yesterday (and haven't unpacked my spares yet) so when I got to work I had to run from my car into the building. Not a great start to my day.

But when I got in I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. It's amazing how fast one little email can pick up my spirits....this one was from my Sister-in-Law and was titled "We Love the Easter Bunny". Just one look and my day is brighter.


becky said...

whata cute picture! i know you will do something AMAZING with it!!

christina said...

i am sick of the rain as well, that pic would have brightened my day as well LOL

Becks said...

Now THAT is a BIG bunny... was he hiding in the bottom of your garden *yikes*