Monday, March 06, 2006

I fell short of my goals this weekend

Darn unpacking is taking me way longer than I thought. Coming into the weekend my goal was to get my room totally unpacked and was stretching to actually get some real scrapping done. How naive I can be sometimes. It's like I have a never ending pile of boxes to get seems for every one box I put away 2 more pop up in it's place. I literally worked non-stop all weekend on getting this room ready and I still have several hours of work ahead of me. uuugghh, I just want to scrap!!!

Since I don't have any new to show I thought I would post a few more pages I did for the UK stitches show. These are not my favorite layouts but it's the last thing I actually worked on...


wendy said...

Oh!! More beautiful layouts. LOVE them!! These are so nice Missy. I can't believe you did SO MANY and they all look so gorgeous and indivually unique.

soooo. where are the LO's of the baby?

wendy said...

OK. I think the proper wording isn't really I can't "believe" - b/c you are totally so skilled that you can and obviously did. I'm just so impressed by it. Its very hard to do and you did it beautifully.