Thursday, March 23, 2006

To publish or not to publish!

Edit: I sent one very brief not to the editor regarding this layout. I got no direct response for well over a week. However today I got an email asking me for the materials lists for both layouts that were missing from the Jan/Feb/March issue. So maybe it will be published after all.

Talk about a bummer. This is one of my favorite layouts from last years MMM entry. I was so excited when CorrespondenceART picked it up along with a few others for their Jan/Feb/March issue. Then just a few weeks ago Memory makers also asked for the layout. Since it was already given to CA I obviously told them it was not available.

A few days ago I got the designers copies of the current issue of CorrespondenceART (which is now PaperART) and was so bummed to see this layout was omitted....along with another layout and card they requested. No note or other indication why they were omitted. This is the 2nd time this happened with CA. So now this poor page that has been requested twice will not be in print at all.....darn, I was really looking forward to seeing this one on glossy.


Becks said...

HOW annoying!!! Well you will be glad to know you have 2 layouts and 3 cards in print in TSBM issue 15 :) Does that help soothe the soul any??

Christi Snow said...

OMG! I would be gutted! (((hugs))) for's a gorgeous should resubmit it to MM!

Wendy, Fragrant Blade said...

well, that BITES!!!! I am so sorry. Have you written CA?? Maybe they will publish it next issue like they did before?

I love this LO, btw...

Anonymous said...

Gee, why am I not surprised. It took me filing Mail Fraud against them to get my stuff back (never got the extra issues I bought). I had to do a PayPal Fraud to get my money back for the extra issues I bought. They are not running that magazine right and if they think changing their name will fix it, they are wrong.
Your layout is beautiful, your work is beautiful and you should NEVER submit to them again. It isn't worth it.

Missy said...

Thank girls....I knew you would understand.

Thanks for the good news Becks. Yup, that sure brings a smile to my face.

Yes, Wendy, I did write to CA. No response. Last time this happened I had to write 3 time and call twice. Once the editor responded she was nothing but professional and very nice - so I continued to submit. This time I just don't have the energy or desire to keep after her. Lesson Learned!