Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My first before and after pictures

Woo Hoo....I finally found the adapter that lets me transfer pictures from my memory stick to my laptop. So I can finally post a few pictures. I will be back to add more but wanted to share my scraproom pictures this morning.

Here is the before picture. I had already taken down the ugliest window treatment even imaginable.

Here is the after paint and carpet picture. Sorry about the poor picture with the light shining through the window. 2 walls are dark brown and 2 walls are an off white color....and the new carpet that was 10 days late.

I have now added in all my furniture and I'm still unpacking my supplies. I plan to share more pictures once I have my room finished, but thought I would share the first steps now.


Susan Wright said...

Thanks for sharing Missy. I have to admit I love the brown and off white walls. I didn't think I would. They look great. I can't wait to see the finished room.

wendy said...

oh how CUTE. It looks bigger with what you've done so far. I love the brown/cream contrast. Can't wait to see it furnished!

Paula said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing. :)